Here I have listed some items that I do not have but will gladly pay for.  Although I have not listed all of the items that I currently own here, it goes
without saying that I am always looking for these items in better condition than I have.  Of course, if something is not listed here, and I don't have it
already in mint or sealed condition, it does not necessarily mean that I do not want it.  Just don't have time to list everything here.
Welcome To The Videos UK Video With
Mispelling Of Dead Horse - It Reads
Dead House Instead
Estranged Germany 2-trk CD
Live Era 2-Disc South Korea Promo
Any Official Compilation Record, CD Or
Any Promo Video Or DVD
Estranged France 3-trk CD
KOHD Australia Cassette Poster Pack
November Rain Australia Cassette Poster
Sympathy For The Devil South Africa CD
Estranged Canada Promo CD
Yesterdays Germany 3-trk CD
Sweet Child O' Mine Germany 2-trk
Sympathy For The Devil UK Radio Edit
Welcome To The Jungle UK 2nd Issue
12" Picture Disc Red Border
Paradise City US 7" Promo With Poster
Don't Cry Germany CD Mispress - Plays
Elvis Songs
November Rain US 7"
1989 Pressbook With CD or 7"
Italy Promo Can Of Spaghetti Sauce For
The Spaghetti Incident
France Promo Umbrella
Civil War US 7" Promo
Civil War Mexico 12"
Appetite For Collection UK Boxset
Appetite For Destruction Taiwan CD
Civil War UK Video Promo
Explosive Instore Play Tape
Lies Australia CD Test Pressing
Lies Taiwan CD
Lies Brazil 12"
Civil War Mexico 7" Promo
KOHD US Promo Cassette
KOHD UK Video Promo
November Rain Japan 3" CD Promo
November Rain Canada Test Pressing CD
Patience UK Video Promo
Solo Instrumental Mexican CD
Sweet Child O' Mine US Digipack Promo
Sweet Child O' Mine UK Video Promo
The Spaghetti Incident Taiwan CD Both
Use Your Illusion Taiwan CDs
Press Kits/Packs
Welcome To The Videos UK Promo Video
You Could Be Mine Japan 3" Promo CD
Paradise City UK 12" Promo Black Sleeve
The Spaghetti Incident Australian Promo
Appetite For Destruction Guitar-shaped
Use Your Illusion Promo Boxsets
Since I Don't Have You Boxset
Live Era Boxset
Live Era Tin
Lies Pen
Sympathy For The Devil Test Pressing
Paradise City South Africa 7"
Greatest Hits South Korea CD With
The Spaghetti Incident Australia Cassette
With Poster
Use Your Illusion Press Kit
Chinese Democracy Listening Party VIP
Paradise City 10" Holster Pack With
White Gun-shaped Picture Disc
Chinese Democracy Single France Promo
Lies Longbox Alternate
Welcome To The Jungle Promo 7" With
Use Your Illusion DAT Tapes
Appetite For Destruction Longbox
Alternate Clean Lyrics
Appetite For Destruction Asia Deluxe CD
Appetite For Destruction Japan Promo CD
Chinese Democracy Single Japan Acetate
Promo CD Stickered Case
The Spaghetti Incident Japan Promo CD
Live From The Jungle Cassette w/o
Sweet Child listed w/ Apology Letter
Use Your Illusion Live In Tokyo UK
Promo DVDs
Welcome To The Videos US Promo DVD
Ain't It Fun UK Promo CD Stickered Case
Appetite For Destruction Germany CD
Slipcase Cover
Chinese Democracy Crew Light Jacket
Estranged Germany CD w/ Fact Sheet
Japan Mini LP/CD Collection w/ Promo
Box Holder
Live Like A Suicide UK Promo CD
Paradise City UK Promo Video
The Spaghetti Incident Compilation
Promo Sampler Cassette Tape
Yesterdays Germany CD w/ Fact Sheet
Australia Compilation Promo CD w/
Street of Dreams
Chinese Democracy Canada Promo CD
Chinese Democracy UK Promo Poster
Use Your Illusion 2 MFSL CD released in
Japan w/ Obi Strip
The Spaghetti Incident Armed Forces
Radio 12"
Use Your Illusion 1 Armed Forces Radio
Live Era Longbox
2007 Tour Itinerary
Appetite MFSL CD released in Japan w/
Obi Strip
Cool Versace GNR Tour Shirt UYI Era
Cool GNR UYI Era Shirt
Cool GNR UYI Era Shirt Another
Don't Cry Argentina Cassette Single
Aerosmith/GNR Pacific Amphitheatre
Appetite Tour Leather Crew Vest
Use Your Illusion Poster Ad
12/14/88 - 12/15/88 Australia Tour Flyer
Monstrosity Promo Cd Single
Use Your Illusion DAT CDs and Cassette
Chinese Democracy Canada CD with
Drink Coasters
Appetite For Destruction Mexico
Millenium CD
2012 Tour Itinerary
1993 Australia Poster
Appetite For Destruction Promo Radio
KOHD Netherlands 7"
June 1987 UK Poster
Chinese Democracy Japan Promo
Acetate CD
WEA Promo Video
1991 World Tour Itinerary