Country: Japan
Catalogue # PRS-10
Fun fact: Extremely rare EP from Japan -
comes without Obi strip. Many, many
boots out there. How to spot a real from a
fake? First of all, look at the record label
(the center of the record). If fake, it will
appear off-center, and there will be some
white at the edges (3rd picture down on
the left). A real one should look like the
top right picture.  Secondly, real records
should come with a plastic sleeve as
opposed to paper. Third, look at the
record jacket spine (picture on bottom
right) - real ones will have larger lettering
and some space between where it says
GN'R and Guns N' Roses (this will only
work if you have a real and fake one to
compare of course).  Lastly, and perhaps
most importantly, real records of this
album should have the record matrix #
machine-stamped (2nd and 3rd pictures
on the right) as opposed to hand scratched
(last picture down on the left). Source? - I have several boots and 3 real.  
Cool story - at a record show I go to, this
guy would always have a real one hanging
on a wall for $150; finally, after eight
months - I went and the price tag read
$50.  Sold!