Made for the 3 day Live Like A Suicide UKtour in June of
1987.  A lot of people think the 3 shows at the Marquee in
London were to promote Appetite overseas, since the release
was only a month away.  While I'm sure they did promote
Appetite, the main reason for the shows was due to the
popularity of Live Like A Suicide in the UK.  You can read all
about it in Duff's book on page 123.  Also, I was told this was
the reason for the shirt by those in the know.  Made for the
band and crew only.  Adriana Smith can be seen wearing this on
page 130 of the unparalleled Reckless Road book by Marc
Canter, or on page 104 if you have the Classic Rock magazine
version of the book.  Yes, the back is the same as a much more
recent GNR shirt that came out in the mid 1990s.  However,
again I have had this shirt authenticated by those in the know.  
Secondly, the tag matches those of other shirts that came out in
that era.  Just do a google search for "Spring Ford Classic
Sportswear".  Third, there are slight differences between the
back of the old shirt and the back of the newer shirt.  One is the
feel of the print.  The other is the print of the letters.  If you look
closely, the older shirt (pics on the left) has a white edge to the
right of each letter/character, whereas the newer shirt (pics on
the right) does not.  The colors are also slightly different but this
can really only be noticed in person.